Rental Boat Prices and Factors Affecting Boat Rental Prices

  • 2018-04-12

Rental Boat Prices and Factors Affecting Boat Rental Prices

Chartering yachts in Turkey is a great way for you to have an enjoyable vacation on the water. The experienced sailors will want to take a bareboat charter while those among you who have no skill at skippering a vessel will want to charter a crewed boat.

When you charter yachts in Turkey you will generally be taking one of these four popular coastlines in.

1. The Ionian Sea coast that includes Izmir, Kusadasi, Gulluk, and Bodrum. This coast boasts of having the best sailing climate there is. It is home to the rich culture that created some of the great philosophers of the Ionians.

2. The western Lycian coast that includes Fethiye and Marmaris. Sailing yachts in Marmaris are an adventurous way to see these amazing sights. This part of the coastline is called the pirate coast because of its wildness and the hundreds of hidden coves that are scattered among its mountainous shores.

3. The Carian Coast that includes Bodrum and Marmaris. Taking yachts in Marmaris will allow you to take two of the popular four bareboat charters of Turkey.

4. The eastern Lycian coast that includes Fethiye, Kas, Finike, and Antalya. On this charter, you will be privileged to see rock tombs and sarcophagi of solid stones.

This amazing country has archaeological ruins that date back somewhere around the dawn of civilization as we know it. It has been inhabited by the Persians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Ottoman Turks, and many different Anatolia tribes. It did however finally establish its independence from them all under Ataturk in the 1920s.

While on this sailing voyage you will be able to visit the ruins of Arymaxa that lie at the tip of the Gulf of Gocek. The Gulf of Gocek is widely thought of as one of the finest places to sail. The marinas here are well equipped and the land is covered with magnificent pine trees that are separated from the azure waters by the serene beaches.

You can visit the ancient shipyards that are located in the Gulf of Gocek and see the ruins of Byzantium before you sail farther down the coast to Fethiye. These peaceful seascapes are hard to resist and even harder to leave. You will find yourself wanting to stay and languish in the calm serenity and the hospitality you will find along these shores.

Around this country, the sailing is far different than it is around the coasts of many other countries. The people in the ports and villages you have a privilege to stop and visit will welcome you as they would welcome a guest into their home. There are places where tourism has tainted the attitudes of the population, but for the most part, you will find the stops you make in the towns, to be delightfully different from the norm.